Gift of Giving…

I wanted to share what Facebook can do for families at Christmas. My friend who is a school counselor here put out a simple request asking to fulfill a little girls request for a Barbie Dreamhouse (this is her 3rd year asking for one). She was just asking for a used one, maybe someone wasn’t using one anymore or looking to get rid of one… here was the response…



Over $500 was donated for complete strangers…so amazing!! Remember, appreciate what you have, give what you can…you never know what a small donation will mean to a family who has little to nothing.

Courtesy of Fiona Childs

Courtesy of Fiona Childs

Top 7 Must-Have Apps for your Smartphone…

Here are some of my priority apps that I wanted to share!

  1. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, WordPress…ok these are combined because they are really just a given!
  2. AT&T Navigator or Google Maps, I don’t know what I would do without you!!  I’ve been to my friend Amy’s house a few times now and I STILL need directions!
  3. Couch-to-5k is a great app to help beginner runners or runners getting back into the game!
  4. TED is a wonderful app that shares stories of inspiring people! Whenever I can’t sleep I just go to TED and look for a quick 10-15 minute talk to watch (that sounds weird, lol) and I’m good!
  5. Starbucks…another duh for me. ;)  I LOVE this app because I can reload my gift card any time and I can pay for my coffee without needing my wallet or card!
  6. Super Why! for children, this is a great learning app for children!
  7. And last but certainly not least, Angry Birds!!  Oh yes!  ;)
Courtesy of Fiona Childs

Courtesy of Fiona Childs