As Christmas comes to a close, I encourage everyone take a moment to look back at the memories we created this year.
I have truly enjoyed this holiday season with my favorite girl.  Miss Ava has taught me to slow down, not take life so seriously, and sometimes all that matters is being with the ones we love.

I did my best to make her Christmas magical this year.  As she gets older it’s become more important.  It isn’t so much the presents she gets, it’s what we do together to celebrate the season.  This morning we thought Santa messed up and forgot the one thing she constantly talked about, the Nabi 2.  But instead of getting upset, instead of being disappointed…she turned to me and said, “Well, at least we have all these other gifts!”  Made me the most proud…



Just love her!

Just love her!

Don't forget how much fun story time @ the library can be!

Don’t forget how much fun story time @ the library can be!

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Elf on the Shelf is the best!

Elf on the Shelf is the best!


Santa didn’t mess up afterall. ;)


I truly hope that you all had a wonderful Holiday Season!  From our home to yours, Merry Christmas!PhotoGrid_1388032585371


Gift of Giving…

I wanted to share what Facebook can do for families at Christmas. My friend who is a school counselor here put out a simple request asking to fulfill a little girls request for a Barbie Dreamhouse (this is her 3rd year asking for one). She was just asking for a used one, maybe someone wasn’t using one anymore or looking to get rid of one… here was the response…



Over $500 was donated for complete strangers…so amazing!! Remember, appreciate what you have, give what you can…you never know what a small donation will mean to a family who has little to nothing.

Courtesy of Fiona Childs

Courtesy of Fiona Childs

Conversations with Ava!

While getting ready to show Ava her special message from Santa, I acted surprised and asked her who the email message could be from:

Ava:  I don’t know.

Me:  Are you sure?

Ava:  Well, um, maybe it’s from my school.

Me:  Why would it be from your school?

Ava:  **starts crying** Because I was bad in school and now I’m not going to get any presents!

**was not expecting that response!**

Me:  What happened in school?

She proceeds to tell me that she wanted her friend Julia to sit next to her but Christian sat next to her instead.  Apparently she told him no and her teacher told her to stop and that she needed to be nicer to her friends.   The poor thing took 10 minutes to tell me because she was so scared and thought she couldn’t go back to school because she was bad.

Me:  It was just a mistake right?  Because you didn’t want to hurt his feelings and you didn’t mean to be rude to him.  So on Monday when you go to school I want you to say you’re sorry to him and that will be the end of it.

Ava:  But he won’t understand why I’m saying I’m sorry.

oh Ava… lol

Needless to say, the email from Santa was perfect timing and made her feel very relieved that even though she was rude to her friend, she still made the “nice list”.

St. Nikolaus is coming tonight!!

It’s a German tradition that I always loved as a child and am happy to pass it down to my daughter.  Yes, in my home we celebrate St. Nick on December 6th as well as Santa Claus on Christmas.  Am I worried she’ll get confused?  Nah, I just tell her that we celebrate him on December 6th and we can look at what is left in her boot as a kind of a “warning” (will there be sticks or coal?) or “glimpse of hope” (will there be goodies and coins?) as to what is to come for Christmas.

There are many stories of good ole St. Nick.

“…saving his people from famine, sparing the lives of those innocently accused, and much more. He did many kind and generous deeds in secret, expecting nothing in return. Within a century of his death he was celebrated as a saint. Today he is venerated in the East as wonder, or miracle worker and in the West as patron of a great variety of persons-children, mariners, bankers, pawn-brokers, scholars, orphans, laborers, travelers, merchants, judges, paupers, marriageable maidens, students, children, sailors, victims of judicial mistakes, captives, perfumers, even thieves and murderers! He is known as the friend and protector of all in trouble or need” (

And in case you’ve never heard…St. Nickolaus is where Santa came from… J

Here is the timeline of St. Nick.