Skin Care

I have pretty fair skin, not Snow White fair, but close…in all my 34 years I have been to a dermatologist twice and they were just to have a few moles removed.  I was lucky that they were not cancerous but was reminded how serious it is to watch for changes in my moles as I have plenty!  (Did you know they are hereditary?!)

Well, you can only try so many different cleansing programs before you finally say ENOUGH! The last system that I tried was Proactive, for my light acne issues, and it worked great…for a while… Then, for whatever reason, maybe it didn’t work as great as I thought it did or maybe my chemical makeup changed, I don’t know..all I know is that it stopped working.  So I finally decided to go to a Dermatologist to simply look at my skin and tell me what I needed to do.  My co-worker, Sandi, referred me to a Las Vegas clinic and let me just say I am SO THANKFUL!  Not only are the staff very friendly, but PA-C Michael Roos took the time I needed to go over my skin and set me up on a reasonable skin care regime (about the same cost as Proactive).  They do have their own products that you can buy there, but they DO NOT PUSH IT ON YOU!  I was even told if I couldn’t afford it they would sit down with me to go over cheaper alternatives.  I also started getting chemical peels.  Those took a little getting used to at first, but after seeing the results that I have seen with my skin, I AM HOOKED!

Give them a try and GET YOUR MOLES CHECKED!!

~ Monika

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