Welcome to my blog!

I have always wanted to share my thoughts, stories and things I find that relate to being a mom.  So here I am!

I always hear how Vegas isn’t a great place to raise a family and I have to disagree. While Vegas does have its negatives when it comes to raising a family, there ARE some really awesome things that Vegas has to offer!  You just have to know where to look!

I am a mom of an awesome 4 year old daughter, Ava.  I work full-time in Las Vegas AND I go to school full time! I absolutely love finding things to do with my daughter on the weekends and spending time with my most wonderful boyfriend!  There’s no way I can just sit at home, I’m just not that kind of girl!  I am one busy mama and I LOVE it!!

I am here to share everything from things to do, lessons to learn, honest product reviews, health and fitness, and staying sane through it all!  I encourage you to share your stories and experiences too!

Grab your coffee and lets get started!


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